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Well....these are always going to fluctuate, but the thing to consider,is how you are going to use the fire you are installing.

First consideration is..... is this going to be mainly used as a heat source or is it mainly for effect and occasional heat?

Secondly, where is it going to be fitted? Is there a chimney? Is there a gas supply? Is it going to be fitted on an internal or external wall? Is there somewhere to store logs? Do you live in a flat?

In general, natural gas is the cheapest form of heating, but if you just want a great effect, electric may be a cheaper option as the effect is usually generated by LED’s, which are really cheap to run. You will still have the option of heat from a 2KW fan heater. What you won’t have, is an alternative form of heat in a power cut!

Solid fuel is probably the most expensive form of heat. A log load will cost you between £60 and £130 a load, depending on the quality of the wood, and believe me, a load won’t last very long. A wood burning stove will usually burn at 5KW with very little adjustment. Do you need that much heat? You may end up opening the windows to let the heat out! Having said that, there is nothing as cosy as a wood stove.

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