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Gas Fire Company UK offer a full installation service, with our own Gas Safe Registered and HETAS engineers, so you can be assured of a quality installation from start to finish.


I have a standard brick built chimney with a chimney

pot, what type of fire is it suitable for?                                        YES                   YES                 YES

I have flue blocks leading to a ridge tile outlet                            NO                    YES                YES

I have a dull metal flue pipe running up the wall, of

125mm diameter                                                                              NO                    YES                YES

I have a shiny metal flue pipe of 150mm diameter                      YES                    YES                YES

I have no flue at all, and there is no way to install one                NO                    YES                YES

There is no gas main where I live                                                  YES                 YES (LPG)      YES

I live in a flat with no gas                                                               YES                    NO                YES

I live in a smokeless zone                                                               YES                   YES                YES

I have no where to store fuel                                                          NO                    YES                YES

I want to be able to turn the fire on for 1/2 hr just to

warm the room up                                                                          NO                    YES                YES

I want the room temperature to be controllable                          NO                    YES                YES

I want to run the fire continuously                                                NO                     NO                 NO

I want the effect without the heat                                                 NO                     NO                YES

I want to operate it by remote control                                          NO                    YES                YES

It is my sole source of heat                                                            YES                    YES                 NO

I need up to 5KW of heat                                                              YES                    YES                 NO

I need 8 to 10 KW of heat                                                             YES                     NO                 NO

I’m not as mobile as I used to be!                                                   NO                    YES               YES

What about Carbon Monoxide?

What about the impact on the Environment?

What about running costs?

How do I store logs properly?

How do I season logs myself?

Which wood is best to burn?

What wood should I not burn?

How often should my chimney be swept?

How often does my gas fire need servicing?

Does my electric fire need servicing?

Will I need a Fresh Air Vent?


Questions to ask when choosing a fire

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