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In general, if your gas appliance is Balanced Flue, it does not require a fresh air vent because it draws its combustion air from outside and is totally sealed from the room. However some rooms containing larger balanced flue appliances, may need to be ventilated, for cooling purposes.

Any conventional flue appliance above 7KW gas input will require a fresh air vent of al least 100cm2 free air space

Any flueless gas fire will require a fresh air vent of 100cm2 free air space, regardless of gas input.

Any open fire requires a fresh air as per building regs.

Any wood/multifuel stove requires a fresh air vent if over 5KW heat output

A fresh air vent must be ducted direct to the outside. it should not be sited within the fireplace and should be at least 1 metre away or as instructed by the manufacturers of the appliance.

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